Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There is mostly one person in our lives to whom we hold closer than everyone else. This person will generally be someone you learn from, who inspires you, who you can trust and who you know loves you abundantly. For me, the person whom i hold closer than every human being alive, who has always been there for me and i hope always will be, is a woman who shows her love through every kindness possible, who radiates care and compassion, who strives to make my life easier and take away the pain however she can, who also gave me life:

My Mother

This woman is the one for whom i would do anything, who's opinion is the only real one that matters to me, who listens even when she has so many errands to run, who can give the greatest hugs in which i feel so safe and reassured. Her love is the thing that keeps me going when i get so down i don't want to come out of my hole. being on the receiving end of her kindness is so wonderful it makes me think why God blessed me with her. She is the most beautiful (both inside and out), compassionate, loving, caring, giving, wise and most wonderful woman i know. To her i owe my life on countless occasions (including birth), my (what little i have) wisdom, my 'academic smarts', virtues, morals and my heart. It's not as sin free as she deserves but she has it.

Dear Mother, I love you.


Chocolate Cat said...

What a special thing to let your Mother know how important she is in your life. I am sure that you are equally as loved by her and her life is all the richer by having a daughter like you. I love my Mum too and tell her so every single day.

MYRA said...

Your mother is a luck lady to have a loving daughter in you... You are a sweet heart. 8-)

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hello darling heart,
I have been following your mum's blog for a few weeks now and think she is a beautiful lady. And I think, by reading your words, that you are a beautiful girl, too!

I was your age when I lost my mum through terminal illness, but we had such a close relationship and I can mirror your words in how I feel about her. Her love still lives in me and every day I feel blessed to have had such a beautiful and loving person in my life. It's so gorgeous to read how you feel about your mum. x

And I have to say how eloquently you write! You write beautifully... they say that everybody has "one book in them"... but I'm thinking you may have several?!!!

Your mum is as fortunate and blessed to have you in her life as much as you are to have her!

With lots of love (and a little happy tear!)

Vikki x