Sunday, March 29, 2009

Before the end

Well at least i'm making another post before the end of the month!!! I consider that an accomplishment!

It seems every time i come to write a post my mind goes blank and i can't think of what to write and get excessively miserable. Then i decide to think of something to write about and bring out the broom to clear everything out from the deepest darkest corners of my brain and find that something. Well... that doesn't always work so well because i come across quite a lot of things i'd like to share and yet can't take the time to write them all out so i have to choose. What a dilemma... Today i have picked a certain topic to write about and if i stray from that topic then so be it... but it wont be intentional. ;)

I have finally got a job! Finally!
I have been applying at every known place in this little town for months with no result. I have been praying for months and months and months for a job and no result until a couple of weeks ago... I'll start a few months ago (perhaps more. I think it was before Christmas) i applied for a job at a lovely restaurant/cafe near the beach (considering our town lies along the whole beach that's not saying much) and yet, no result. Then i will speed up to a couple of weeks ago on a lovely Wednesday afternoon after my brother and i had been to the library to play some chess. He walked off to his favourite store (eb games) to peruse the new xbox games and i met up with a friends sister. She looked a bit lonely and had just finished a long shift at work and asked me out for a coffee (knowing me, i couldn't say no). During our lively chat over iced coffees, mochas and ice cream, the topic of work came up. She worked at this little cafe/restaurant i so wanted a job at and offered to put in a good word for me with one of her boss'. The next morning my family head out the door and i receive a txt from Becca asking if i was able to come to the cafe/restaurant for a job interview. Naturally i was very happy and mum and i said a quick prayer, asking God to let this all go well if it was meant to be or let it finish quickly if it was not. I'm not the most confident of people so walking to a deserted part of the cafe/restaurant with Jody (boss) made me extremely nervous. I thought i hid it well though and remained calm, keeping eye contact and smiling throughout the interview. I was asked to come in that saturday morning to see how i went with the other staff. No surprise, i showed up 15 minutes early and by the end of my shift i realised that it was not in fact as Jody had first said a 'day to see how i went' but in fact my first day at my first job. The day after my pay went in, mum and i went shopping. How could i resist... i bought three new pairs of shoes! How wonderful it felt to be able to buy something with money that I had earned for myself. I had another shift last friday on a 37 degree day. It must have been at least 40 out the back where i was doing the dishes so when the bell rang i was the first to pick up the meals and take them to a table outside... but just as i was walking out, who should i see except my parents! At that moment i had a mental blank and completely forgot which table i was taking the meals to. Doubling back i checked the docket again and when i came back out my parents were seated at table 25 (other side of the cafe/restaurant to where i was taking the meals to). It was actually rather funny. I just need to remember the table number next time i come across my parents walking in to the cafe/restaurant so i don't look like a stone statue with a shocked expression clearly plastered across my face.

Sorry for ranting on about this but its my first job and i'm so thrilled!!! I have two more shifts this week and i can hardly wait.

God bless,


Purpleflowerpatch said...

All that prayer, and the novenas...see, God hears, and all in His good time the door will open. Proud of you sweetheart! Now perhaps you should take a photo of ALL those shoes and share with your readers? ;-)

soggybottomflats said...

Hi, I left a comment on your Dec post for pay it forward. I hope your week is going well, best regards, Elaine

Anonymous said...

God is always hear us. We have to keep faith on him.


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