Sunday, February 15, 2009

Updates and Sailing

Sorry i haven't written for so long. Time flies by too quickly.
I don't know if starting from where i left off would be a wise decision. This entry would be as long as one blog page is normally meant to be so i'll have to pick up elsewhere...
The heat has finally arrived in Esperance. We now have summer!!! My brother and I have been at the beach every day (including the extremely windy days when the waves are so strong they fracture ribs if you approach them at the wrong angle) and sometimes twice a day if we have friends come over. Speaking of friends i have a lovely one called Hannah. She had her 14th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. It was a lovely day but the fact that we got to go sailing made it unforgettable. Her brother and his best friend took us out in pairs (I went with my good friend Jesse). It was so fun having to duck under the mast and run to the other side when the boat was turning that i'm afraid i've fallen in love with boats/ships. Funnily enough my father and brother have been talking about getting a boat for a while now and i've been completely against it so Hannah and Jesse thought i wouldn't want to go out on the boat... and they were right. But not wanting to have to turn down a dare like i always seem to be doing, i went. Since that day i've been looking up the Leeuwin and Young Endeavour, trying to find out how old you have to be to go on them and how much it would cost me. I came across great news; i'll be able to apply to go on the Leeuwin in just a few months. It costs $1450 but as long as i save from the job i've been hanging out to get, i'll be able to do it!
What great adventures seem to be ahead of me! Sailing ships and travelling Europe... i can hardly wait!
I'll come post another day when i'm not worrying about my brothers dentist appointment.

God bless,

P.S. Did i mention the Leeuwin was harbored in Esperance for a few days? The beach provides a great view of it. Talk about timing... ;)