Thursday, March 5, 2009


Another long time since i have last updated BUT i have a good excuse!!!
I have been redecorating my room in the shabby chic style... i'm very much on the white side with large floral prints and pale pinks. Makes it so much easier to relax which i must say i've needed these past months. It's amazing the insights you get as we walk along the road of life. I've had many lately but they take so long to explain when talking let alone writing.
One of the easier ones however is very easy to explain but not so easy to comprehend until you come to that very tall, wide and hard brick wall in life.
Yesterday doesn't matter. Do what you can with today and make the most of it as though it were your last.
See? Very simple. It's always coming around in life, whether it be a quote in a book or a friendly voice telling you but it always seems to get lost... luckily for me it's always coming back around in my life. That's one of the reasons i've been refurbishing. You can sit in gloom (i call it gloom because my walls are brick and i hate brick for some reason... its so depressing) and take life as it comes without being truly happy OR you can get up, do something you might not want to with the end result making you extremely happy and a good sense of having accomplished something... i love that feeling though getting to that feeling can be a rather hard task i don't brave too often.
When things take a downturn, naturally you need the time to process whatever's happened and to pick yourself up again but the best help i've found to overcome grief or shock or some sort of strong emotion (besides happiness) is keeping yourself busy. Staying occupied with SOMETHING. Not only do you keep yourself from straying into the red zone but also accomplish something. I found that painting is a very good tool. The way the brush strokes back and forth across the surface of whatever your lathering paint over is quite soothing. Its easier to think and can help you process certain information. It's a good thing i found this out at 14! Should help later in life if i ever find myself in a sticky, miserable situation.
Ever had the feeling of tiptoeing around eggshells when suddenly you step on one and the room is so quiet the 'crunch' sounds like a cannon blast?
I think i just typed that to see how it sounds written down.
I've also been doing quite a bit of graphics editing lately. I used to hate GIMP with all the little buttons and tabs but once you take the time to learn what they mean (through trial and error. I don't like manuals) its an amazing piece of technology! The bad part is if you don't know anyone who understands what your talking about and can't appreciates the work and time that went into the picture but the end result (how i love saying that) is rewarding in itself i suppose. Like a 3yo who drew a picture and is eager to show it off to whoever happens to walk by... but noone walks by. POOR CHILD!!!
I guess teenagers can't get away with the puppy dog eyes. :(
Another thing i've found rather... whats the word... fun? no... rythmic! Another thing i've found rather rythmic is making rugs. The ones where you plait together long strips of fabric then wind it round and round in a circle (or any shape really) and stitch it together. It's rather like knitting a square... one thing you have to keep repeating is quite often very good for the brain when already stretched to maximum. Not exactly the best idea to do something with an intricate pattern. If you miss a stitch you might explode.

Speaking of stitches... i didn't receive any participants for the pay it forward so randomly picked out three people i know to send gifts too. One has already been sent out and i'm working on the second. Again: Something has been accomplished, completed.

God bless,
blackberry swirls and custard are calling me,


Purpleflowerpatch said...

I am so {{{{proud}}}} of the young woman you are growing into.
Love you Blossom, Mum. xxxx

MYRA said...

Wow! You are a very insightful young lady! You are on the path to great things I think! Good for you! 8-)
Sorry the PIF did not work out for you, but great you found a solution for yourself! 8-)
God bless, and happy stitchings!