Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry UnChristmas

Merry UnChristmas to you… Merry UnChristmas to you… Merry UnChristmas dear (place name here)… Merry UnChristmas to yooouuuuuu!!!
*lots of applause*

Christmas was a lovely day… amongst other things I got a beautiful gold sapphire ring which I keep checking every half hour just to make sure its still on my finger. I also got a beautiful wooden carved bed. It’s a short story but all in all I wont be able to switch the wrong boxes for the right boxes till next Monday. *sigh*

Over Christmas we have been blessed enough to have lovely weather, just perfect to go swimming - which we did. My brother, his friend and I have been at the beach the past couple of days swimming in the beautiful clear water and having a marvellous time burying each other in sand. Sam and I didn’t realise till yesterday afternoon that we had gone the colour of tomatoes… sunburnt. The problem with Esperance is that there isn’t much pollution in the air at all so you get sunburnt very easily cause there isn’t any of that gucky stuff in the atmosphere to stop some of the whatsythingy rays from burning you. Wisely, were staying inside today and letting our very hot skin heal before heading back to the beach tomorrow (its such a chore having to stay away from the white sand and sparkling waters today).

Christmas day Mass was wonderful! My friend Jess and her brother were Alter Servers with me so I didn’t have to do it on my own. *grins broadly*

Do you think Jesus enjoyed his birthday? I know I did.

Well well well (I know, three holes in the ground) the rest of the day is beckoning me. I best be off. Goodbye all! Have a marvellous day!

God bless,

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