Sunday, December 28, 2008


Thought i might show some things i've made:

(the bag not the flowers)

Small embroidery.

Cross stitch (mums Christmas present).

Embroidery (started the other day, should be done very soon).

Placemats (chicken for dinner?).

Cot quilt.

Fascinating things these close-up shots.

Wall hanging i haven't quite finished.

Oh look! Another close-up!

God bless,


MYRA said...

And there you have it! Wonderful creations! You've got your mother's talent for fabric! Good for you! 8-)
Merry unChristmas to you too! 8-)

Heather said...

I like what you have been making, the quilts are very pretty. I like the sheep in the middle, so cute! You do beautiful work :)