Friday, November 21, 2008


Another little known fact: I'm a Harry Potter fan. Actually, I'm an Administrator on a HP Roleplay forum. Quite fun. Anyway, here's a tag to put on your blog if you like Harry Potter. :-D

Favourite book in the series? 3 or 7
Favourite character? Nymphadora Tonks
Favourite house? Ravenclaw
Favourite teacher? McGonagall
Favourite student? Hermione or Luna
Black Lake or Shrieking Shack? Shrieking Shack
Astronomy Tower or Potions Dungeon? Astronomy Tower
Pumpkin Juice or Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans? Bertie's Beans
Saint Mungo's or Auror's Office? Auror's Office
Fudge or Scrimgeour? Scrimgeour
Nymphadora Tonks or Isabelle Lestrange? Tonks
Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy? Harry
Least favourite subject? Divination
Least favourite horcrux? Nagini
Least favourite tournament? Black Lake
Fleur, Krum or Diggory? Diggory
Hipoggrif or Thestral? Hipoggrif
Zonko's or Madame Malkin's? Zonko's
Cloak, Stone or Wand? Cloak
Luna or Cho? Luna
Ron or Neville? Neville
Potions or Transfiguration? Tie
Ancient Runes or Muggle Studies? Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures or Herbology? Herbology
Pure Blood or Muggle? Muggle
Cat, Toad or Owl? Owl
Library or Great Hall for lunch? Library
Final Question: What would you see if you looked at the Mirror of Erised? All my family together and a family of my own... and a pair of thick woolen socks.

Hope you like it.
God bless,

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