Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Creative Day

Do you ever have one of those emotional days where you feel so drained that that night all you want to do is crumple on the bed and fall to sleep with a lovely lullaby? Sometimes things in life hit you like a torpedo but you wouldn't have missed it for the world. A 50th birthday for example. It seems to hit the person in question with such a force that they feel so old... half a century. However they wouldn't have missed out on all the lovely presents that come with the birthday.
Note: This isn't written from personal experience. 50 years of age are still another few lifetimes away.
Today my mother and I went to the beach for... actually i'm not sure how long. It was so lovely to almost fall asleep on the fine white sand, the warming sun beating on your back and the gentle crash of the waves as they hit the shore, the happy barks of dogs as they chased a flying seagull and the gleaming look of shining pippies as they peeped from their hiding places in the sand. I'm so lucky to live so close to the beach...
On another subject, i bought a pair of red shoes the other day. RED shoes! For the people out there who don't know, i have a love for shoes. I tried on more shoes today... my favourite store here is a shoe store with a candy shop to the side (i came away with a bag of toffee apples). One pair i tried on were, suprise, red! They did have white polka dots on them though... how cute. I absolutely loved the dark blue pair... *goes off dreaming* Sorry... where were we?
Another thing we did today: op-shopping. It's quite amazing some of the things you can find. We came away with quite a few new things including Christmas decorations for the upcoming festive holiday and a lovely bedspread (which conveniently happens to fit my bed). There is also a shabby chic candlestick sitting atop my bookshelf. Wonder where that came from... Also picked up some lovely little frames to put up on my wall. Did i mention my brother and i spent most of monday swapping rooms? Tis true! I now have my brothers double wardrobe! Space to put all the plastic tubs that were making my room look like a storage facility. It's amazing how much you accumilate over a year and a half of living in one place.
Right, off to eat some more toffeeapples now, enjoy your day!

God bless,


P.S. So far I'm the only Alter Server on Christmas day... *bites nails nervously* Please say a quick prayer that two more will put their names down.

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