Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lost in the Sand Dunes

Sorry... felt like doing that.
Today i went for a walk... a long walk. Then later on i went for another walk... an even longer walk. Second walk i took Jack our Labrador with me (as i did the first time) and walked down on the beach till we got to the old jetty... but today i didn't just stop there, i kept going! We kept going till we hit the end of the beach and a magnificent break wall (silly me didn't look back till i came to my senses... which penetrated my skull a bit too late). There was a shortcut back to the street i thought I'd take but mistakenly walked a bit too far and ended up taking a track to the Deep Sea Angling Club (which is where mum and i go sewing on fridays). I know my way from there to home but it was an awfully loooong walk. After sending up a few Hail Mary's i turned around and asked a nice couple walking behind me (whom i had just overtaken) if either of them had a phone on them that i could use (having conveniently forgotten my own). One of them did have a phone (thankyou God) and i called home asking mum to come pick me up. It went something like this:

Mum: Hello?
Me: Mum?
Mum: Yeah?
Me: Ma, can you come get me? I'm at the Deep Sea Angling Club.
Mum: What are you doing at the Deep Sea Angling Club? How did you get there?
Me: *nervous laugh* I walked a bit too far today... Can you come and get me?
Mum: You walked a bit too far?
Me: Yeah...
Mum: *sigh* Coming.
Me: Heh... thanks mum.

It went a lot better than I thought. I didn't get in trouble. :-D
I handed the phone back to the nice man (lol) and they walked off after asking me if she was coming. I walked around for a bit with Jack and must've prayed about half the rosary by the time a white car came down the road. Took about three goes to get Jack into the car (poor boy was tired out). Then I got in the car... i could see mum cringe as the smell of 'wet dog' seeped through the car like thick goo (Did i mention Jack and I had gone for a swim during this long walk?). All in all my legs feel like bolts of lead and my head is balancing ontop of a neck that seems to be giving way every 12 seconds. 14 seconds. 3 seconds. The time varies. Thank goodness i'm not an Alter Server in the morning or I'd be yawning while handing over the wine. Perhaps i'll settle down with 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' and actually finish it. Is it just me or are C.S. Lewis' books so easy to put down and so hard to pick up? I think the relief of putting down a book comes with Lord of the Flies... and Lord of the Rings. Jane Austen is easier to read then J.R.R. Tolkien.

Have a good day all who are reading and God bless.

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