Saturday, November 29, 2008


As I open my eyes to the sound of my mother, I hear her walk over to the window and push the curtains aside, letting rays of golden sunlight into my bedroom. I cringe at the blazing light and pull the blanket over my head. I hear my mother say something but it's only a mumble to me. She exits the scene and i return to my dreams.
I wake up to hear a voice in the hall. It's my mother. I unwillingly look at the clock and sit up, swinging my legs over the side of the bed and sleepily stand up, rubbing my eyes.

That was written from a first person point of view but not from personal experience... i never get up that quickly the second time... Plus the sunlight is never golden. I don't get rays of sun like that first thing in the morning.
Actually that used to be true... i change my mind: It's written from personal experience. I get up of my own free will now and i don't get the sun. That isn't very much of an accomplishment is it?

Change of topic:

Here's a sample of what i can write...

Edward unsheathed his long blade and held it before him, walking silently through the ever darkening woods. The tall trees around him rustled nervously, their green leaves moving back and forth in a warning manner. A twig behind Edward snapped loudly in the midst of the silent forest. He looked over his shoulder quickly to see a giant blur jump from the branches of a nearby oak and hurl itself toward him. As fast as lighting Edward stood up straight and swung his sword at the creature, cutting deep into it's left arm. It whimpered for a moment and took a step backwards, halting on the twig strewn ground, a hairy mass half the size of a full grown man with beady red eyes staring out from what looked like black caves in its head. The creature changed its whimper to a growl and glared threateningly at Edward. He took a step to the side as the creature lunged forward, holding his blade out, ready to strike. “I will cut you limb from limb,” Edward said quietly, his cool sapphire eyes not moving from the creatures round red ones. “Gorthig.” he said. The creature lifted its head higher, its leather like nostrils sniffing the air. It gave way within a few seconds and clambered back up a tree, making a scathing noise before jumping further off, one arm hanging limp at it’s side. Edward let out a long breath, sheathing his sword and carefully stepping between two dead bushes. He walked on for a few minutes, every now and then hearing a threatening growl but every time keeping his breathing casual and a bare hand on the carved hilt of his sword. He passed a small puddle on the ground and casually kicked a pebble into it, watching the stone sink to the bottom and disappear beneath the mud before lifting up his head and walking on, taking leave of the woods and stepping out onto a large green field. It was obvious how blue the sky was now, and how lush the fields were that spread as far as the eye could see. He closed his eyes for a moment and felt the freedom of space after being so long in the dark, crowded Woods of Forher. He heard a bell ring a few miles off, every dong sounding perfectly with the chirps of two brown sparrows flying by overhead. Edward opened his twinkling eyes and started off again, his dark hair shining in the sun and a smile across his handsome face.

It's an exert from a story i started writing last night. Bit droll but that's what you get from a head filled with fairydust. :D

Have a happy day and God bless,

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Purpleflowerpatch said...

You are becoming a wonderful writer!!