Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Title

My mother and father have been working hard with the plants. Mum got a garden for Christmas so shes been busy planting... well i'll let you go read at mum's blog if you haven't already.

The sun is out and the beach is beautiful but due to my own stupidity i haven't been able to enjoy it (referring to getting sunburnt). Being inside makes you so miserable... well it makes me miserable anyway. I want the sun!!!!

Anyone enjoying the after Christmas sales? Living in Esperance, with only a limited amount of stores, you don't come by the bargains you do in larger, more populated towns. *sigh*

Pretty soon we'll be heading out to Denmark on a 'whole new whirlwind adventure.' As much as i'm looking forward to the treetop walk i keep forgetting how long till we leave, just like i'm forgetting how many days till i get my new bed. Hopefully i won't forget my camera and 10 packets of batteries when we go away.

Ever read 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard'? It's quite a nice little book. Aswell as being pocketsized it has 5 of Beedle's short stories and personal notes by Albus Dumbledore. The cover is also quite intruiging.

We packed up the Christmas tree yesterday... or was it the day before? See! I have a terrible memory! When in the middle of a conversation my good friend 'Frenchy' sometimes changes the topic immediately and says: 'Hi. I'm Dory.'
Lately i have been copying her line whenever i have forgotten something because i feel just like Dory! So, hi. I'm Dory.

God bless,
(i mean Elizabeth)

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