Saturday, December 6, 2008


Da... da... da da... da... da... da da.
Sorry, currently humming a favourite song. Where would this favourite song be from? Well, watch Prince Caspian and tell me what the second song is after the credits begin. Actually... first song after the credits begin is my no.1 favourite but aren't people allowed to have more than one favourite?
On the subject of music, i feel somewhat disadvantaged in this modern world of teenagers. Why is it that (what seems like) every teenager knows every song on every album by every artist ever released in the past 10 years (and more)?
This is where my overly used brain seems to leave me. I don't know what 'My Chemical Romance' most popular song was and i don't have the foggiest who 'The Used' are. Reason: I don't listen to music very often. The only time i do listen to music is when i'm in the car or when i'm in my brothers room (he knows all about music by the way) and when i'm watching movies (the music playing when the credits begin). Why is it that the 21st century teenager listens to all this music? Why are they seen with headphones in all the time? I don't know the answers to these questions but there is something i do know...
When someone is listening to music, their attitudes change. If its a soppy song their more prone to cry and if its a heavy metal song their more likely to knock the chair over backwards when they get up and shout at you (notes taken from personal experience). So these 'kids' refuse to be told what to do by their teachers and parents and hate to be 'dictated' by them yet they let themselves be ruled by the music thats currently blaring through their ears.
*looks at ceiling* Teenagers...
So if one ever says, "I'm not being ruled my anyone!" or something along those lines, I smile and laugh inside.

On another subject, i love PRINCE CASPIAN!!! Fantastic movie! Marvelous! Incredible!
Caspian and Peter had a ... well their teenage boys so fights do occur.
I can't stand Susan for some reason... The way she fights is awesome and i love her outfits but i just can't get to like her...
Lucy was as sweet as ever! Can't help but love her character.
The DLF... my favourite quote from the movie just happens to be his line:
"And you wonder why we don't like you..."
But you have to see the movie to get it.

God bless,

P.S. Remember that satan was in charge of the music in heaven (back in the days when he was good)? So doesn't it strike you as odd that so many people's moods are swayed by a simple tune?


Purpleflowerpatch said...

I am so PROUD of the clear thinking young woman you are growing into - and that you think through choices and consequences. {{{{{hugs}}}} Love you! Mum.

Leanne said...

couldn'y resist,
You have made some great points.
I praise you for the stand you make with music, good choice in Movies, it is a great movie.

Anonymous said...

Wow Elizabeth, you are one smart cookie!! Are you SURE you're really only 14?? Just kidding!

If only other young people could see the influences they allow into their lives, and how those choices mould and shape them, and their behaviour.

We were just talking today about what the world would be like if EVERYONE treated each other how they would like to be treated. Wouldn't it be awesome?? It takes so little to give a lot, even just a smile can cheer someone's day.

I'm looking forward to the Prince Caspian Movie. It's on my "must watch" list.

Fiona x