Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tunes of MacDonalds

I'll skip right over the whole New Years part because it bores me almost to death having to write about the fireworks (which were actually amazing) and the new years resolutions.

SO! A few days ago my bro, his friend and I went to the beach again. Guess who dropped by to play? Sam shouted out that there was a fin behind me, i immediately yelped and feared the worse, thinking 'The sharks are only out by the islands. They wouldn't come here!'
Sure enough i saw a large brown fin poke out of the water and then who should swim up to us and poke his (or her) head above the water to survey us? A seal! He (*cough* or she) swam around and around us, head poking out of the water and fins flapping happily! It was absolutely AMAZING! Of course then i had to go and step on a crab and have my toe pinched painfully (you would think i'd be able to see it... the waters clear enough).
Another bit of good news is that i got my Christmas present on monday! *grins happily* The furniture store decided to open again (i thought the day would never come) so dad and i drove off with boxes in the car to exchange them for the right bits. All in all, after a great deal of remarks along these lines: 'But thats not what the bit of paper says!' and 'What! there's three designs!' and 'Oh, that's just stupid!', we managed to collect the right boxes, discard the instructions and put together a rather lovely wooden bed. Its lower than my old bed so quite a few boxes now lay in the shed instead of in my (overcluttered) bedroom. I slept in quite late the other morning and used the excuse of 'I was just trying out my new bed.'
Have you tried playing a guitar? A piano? Both?
My goodness how easy the piano is after attempting the guitar!!! I'm having trouble putting my fingers all the way around the neck ('neck' being the technical word for 'long thing on the end of the main round bit of the guitar' which only everyone uses except illiterate people like me who do yr 11 english courses in yr 10).
Did you get that? ^
Ok, in the amount of time i have been gone (yes i left in the middle of writing a post) i watched 40 minutes of a great movie, went shopping, picked up a parcel (which contains a sims2 expansion pack i've been hanging out for) and ate lollies and talked on the phone.
Yesterday i made a chocolate ripple cake (might post pic later) and due to my mother talking on the phone right next to the kitchen bench i walked off to my room to whip the cream... never before happened occurence by the way.
Sparky (the stepbrother of my sisters fiance) is coming to visit tomorrow so i think i'm making those ice cream things wedged inbetween the biscuits. My my my, do i detect a sweet tooth?
On saturday we leave for Denmark and the magnificent treetop walk and should be back in... a couple of days in which time we will have been to MacDonalds!!! Sorry, living in tiny little Esperance we have no MacDonalds so the thought of actually having rubbish food (delicious french fries and big macs) is absolutely thrilling! *hums to self* 'MacDonalds in a few days... MacDonalds in a few days...
We got my new school supplies today *grimaces*. The folder and textbooks and pencil case all match so that adds a little joy and excitement to the too-soon-coming beginning of school for 2009. The stationary aisle really is such a lovely place... if only i knew your name and address i would immediately send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.

God bless,